About Me

I am a web developer working for medium sized digital marketing agency in the North of England who deal with various big household names. My primary responsibility in the workplace is acting as primary LAMP developer building and maintaining all things Linux, Apache and PHP. Although I specialise in open source technologies I also work on various Microsoft .NET C#/Visual Basic based projects from small self contained survey sites to large comprehensive CMS based web applications.

Outside of work I spend a lot of time experimenting with and learning from various open source technologies. My primary operating system is Ubuntu Linux but I also have instances of Gentoo and Fedora which both serve their own purpose.

Being a web developer my primary expertise are in the development of web applications but I also take a very keen interest in application development using languages such as Python and Java. My next large personal undertaking is to use my improving Python abilities to contribute to the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project which I believe is not only helping spread knowledge to needy children but also prove the worth of open source.

I set up Dev Explorer as a medium over which I can communicate my many findings while exploring the extensive world of web and software development. I find that on many occasions I determine clever fixes for problems which I have struggled to find solutions for on the world wide web. I tend to later forget these small pieces of valuable knowledge, only to need them on a future project. I have set Dev Explorer up so I can document these things providing not only a reference for myself, but also other people who may be interested.

5 Most Recent Articles

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An introduction to using the xlwt and xlrd modules for python to interact with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

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